2020 20K Home

  • Overview


    Master’s Project

  • Project Team

    Charlie Firestone, Devin Denman, Steve Long

As part of the 20K research project, this year’s team will design and build a home for a local resident that builds upon and contributes to the ongoing body of housing affordability work developed by Rural Studio since 2004. In visiting previous 20Ks, the team observed a need for additional space and customization. Some of the previous 20Ks were added to over time, creating potentially problematic roof conditions, while other owners have opted to install additional small structures on the site.

In response to these observations, the 20K team has been challenged to design a new one-bedroom house that can be an expandable home. The team’s aim is to provide a small starter home on a big slab under a big roof, thereby allowing for easy expansion with minimal complications and cost.

Expandable small home under a big roof
The project investigates using pole barns as an alternative construction method. Pole barn construction involves first erecting load bearing posts, then installing the roof, and lastly infilling below the roof (versus traditional sequencing starting with the foundation, then walls, then roof). As compared with stick-built construction, pole barns can be faster, less expensive, and allow more flexibility for programming and expansion.
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