Michele's home at night

20K Michele’s Home

  • Overview


    Hale County, AL
    5th Year/Outreach Project

  • Project Team

    Rob Culpepper, Cierra Heard, Thomas Johnston

20K Michele’s Home features a gable roof without any overhangs. In lieu of the overhangs, bent steel window shades provide localized shading for the south-facing windows, shielding them from the hot summer sun. The plan of the home consolidates the social spaces to the center, with bedrooms flanking each end. A porch in front of each bedroom allows cross-ventilation through each bedroom and also helps extend the living room. One of the porches is screened in, allowing it to function as an outdoor living and dining space.

Designed for cross-ventilation and the ability to extend the living room
Shading provided for the south-facing windows by bent steel window shades
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