finished home

20K Ophelia’s Home

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    2020 & 2021
    3rd-Year Project

  • Project Team

    FALL 2019
    Adam Davis, Anna Claire Priest, Brenton Smith, Caitlyn Biffle, Davis Benfer, Emily Davis, Gemma Ramon Centelles, Hailey Osborne, Han Li, Ignasi Vendrell I Simon, Laurel Holloway, Oliver Higgins, Yi Xuan Teo
    SPRING 2020
    Adam Boutwell, Alex Harvill, Daniel Burton, Elizabeth Brandebourg, Elle Whitehurst, Hannah Moates, Jackie Rosborough, Jasvandhan Coimbatore Upendranath, Joo Young Lim, Lauren Deck, Luke Killough, Shijin Ding
    FALL 2020
    Ann Sheldon, Benjamin Willcockson, Carla Slabber, Christina Devries, Deliang Chen, Ethan Mejia, Mattheas Repsher
    SPRING 2021
    Austin Black, Destiney Ann Farron, James E Foo, Juyeon Han, Jeff A Leach, Logan C Lee, Sadie C McIntyre, Drew Haley H Smith, Kirby William Spraggins, Wendy D Webb, Ashley G Wilson

The 3rd-year student team began, like most, by carefully studying their client, which included interviewing Ophelia and documenting her home and property and reflecting on the way she lived. From this the team gleaned the project’s focus: how can a one-bedroom 20K Home be modified to also include a quarter bedroom, fondly dubbed a nook, for short or long-term guests.

“how can a one-bedroom 20K Home be modified to also include a quarter bedroom?”

After examining each 20K Product Line Home, the students chose to adapt the original 20K Joanne’s Home design by adding 24 inches of space to the bedroom and bathroom, increasing the width of the home from 26 feet to 28 feet. They gained the space by converting part of Joanne’s spacious front porch, pinching 5 feet of interior space out of the generous 15-foot-deep exterior porch. The resultant porch still seemed deep enough, and the additional 150 square feet of inhabitable space created room for a sleeping nook and for the back door to be located in the bedroom, supporting private access for two residents.

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