featured image pf Rose Lee and Jason's homes

20K Rose Lee’s & Jason’s Homes

  • Overview


    Hale County, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Fall 2013
    Henry Boyle, Josh Banks, Michael Callaway, Valyn Dacanto, Krystal Duchene, Ellise Gallagher, Saxon Gibbs, Robert Gray, Abby Katsoulis, Kyle Keirsey, Rubi Carrero Ortiz, William Ready, Felipe Vaz Stadthagen, Sarah Wahlgren

    Spring 2014
    JP Alexander, Lauren Barker, Nathaniel Bartlett, Jack Bigbie, Forrest Burleson, Will Gaskill, Quinton Jones, Lauren Lloyd, Jonathan Neely, Cailtlyn Salters, Libby So, Samantha Speed, Timothy Wang

In 2009, the 2nd-Year Studio designed and built a courtyard house in Footwash, Alabama, for Rose Lee and her sons BJ and Jason. In 2011, the house was completely destroyed by a fire on the property. 

The courtyard, a remnant of the previous home, creates a shared social space between the homes

The 2013–2014 3rd-Year Studio built two new homes for Rose Lee and her son Jason sited around the only remnant of their original home, the concrete courtyard. The two houses were chosen from the catalog of existing 20K prototypes to best suit the site and needs of Rose Lee and Jason. The final selections were 20K Eddie’s Home for Rose Lee and 20K MacArthur’s Home for Jason. The homes were positioned parallel to one another on the north and south sides of the courtyard. The students modified the homes slightly, adding an additional bedroom to Eddie’s Home and testing a variety of construction details on both models, including new flashing conditions, gables vented through metal louvers, and painted fiber cement siding. In addition, the Studio developed a landscape plan for the entire property. The students solved drainage issues on site and made proposals for ground covers, flowers and shrubs, trees, and sitting areas.

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