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Butterfly House

  • Overview


    Mason’s Bend, AL
    2nd Year Project

  • Awards & Media

    Butterflies and Hay Bales
    Wemedia | magazine | Rosemarie Blitchington | January – February 2001

    At Home with the Harrises
    Nest | magazine | Spring 2001

  • Project Team

    William Austin, Deshannon Bogan, Dominique Boyd, Clifford Brooks, Catherine Bunn, John Cline Jr., Elizabeth Chapman, Kristen Kepne Coleman, Joshua Daniel, Elizabeth Gagood, Jimmie Geathers, Adam Gerndt, Jobeth Gleason, Robert Hill IV, Charles Hughes, Bradley Holder, Heather Johnson, Jeffrey Johnston, Chad Jones, Melissa Kearley, John Keener, Andrew Kraeger, Jr., Michael Lackey, Jeffery Marteski, Jeremy Moffet, Andrew Moore, Timothy Patwin, Bryan Pearson, Michael Peavy, James Pfeffer, Thomas Replogle, John Ritchie, William Ryan, Jon Schumann, Bradley Shelton, Timothy Silger, Nathan Simmons, Mike Spinello, Robert Sproull Jr., Elizabeth Stallworth, Jimmy Turner, John Waters, Samuel Watkins, William Whittaker Jr., Heather Wootten, Jake Wiseman, Kristen Coleman, Kevin Hagerson, Robert Sommerville Hill, Andrew Ledbetter, Amy McElroy, Dan Menmuir, Jennifer Nelson, Juan Pace, Everett Pollard III, Michael Renauld, Thomas Replogle, John Ritchie, Jon Schumann, Timothy Sliger, Jennifer Smith, Robert Sproull Jr, Jennifer Theis, Hollis Tidwell, Melissa Vernie, Samuel Watkins

The Butterfly House derives its name from the sharply angled roof structure that collects rainwater and shelters a screened porch. The house is largely heated and cooled passively, with assistance from a wood-burning stove.

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