A coach stands outside of the dugout and watches the game

Newbern Baseball Club

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Awards & Media

    Home Run
    The Architectural Review | magazine | Andrea Oppenheimer Dean | June 2002

  • Project Team

    Marnie Bettridge, James Kirkpatrick, Jay Sanders

The Newbern Baseball Club Renovation and Rejuvenation Project was a first-time effort to upgrade and sustain a small town’s love of baseball. Students planned, designed, and constructed the rejuvenation of the Newbern baseball field. Two miles northeast of the six buildings that make up downtown Newbern, a small piece of farmland has been the site of regional baseball games for the last 100 years.

Grand Slam Funded in part by the generosity of the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, the community uses the renovated field every Sunday afternoon during the baseball season.The main part of the project was a sculptural backstop that utilizes everyday chain link fencing. Uniquely, the chain link is hung from suspension wires donated by Alabama Power. There is no horizontal structure to obscure sight-lines and the backstop acts as an amazing armature between on-field and off-field activities.
A small town’s love of baseball
Sculptural backstop made of chain link hung from suspension wires
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