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Newbern Town Hall

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Awards & Media

    Building of the Year, Category Public Architecture
    ArchDaily.com | Newbern Town Hall

    Alabama Architecture Students Convert Historic Bank into Library for Rural Town
    Dezeen | Web | December 13, 2017

    Newbern Town Hall
    Detail | Magazine | September 2014

    Newbern Town Hall
    Architect Magazine | Magazine & Web | June 2013

  • Project Team

    Brett Bowers, David Frazier, Mallory Garrett, Zane Morgan

Seven years after building a volunteer fire station in downtown Newbern, Rural Studio 5th-year students designed and built a Town Hall for the community. Located just north of the Firehouse, the Town Hall creates a civic square in which the Firehouse and Town Hall form the North and South walls of a public courtyard space. The East side of the courtyard is bounded by a covered barbecue pit and a vegetated screen wall, which blocks views to the parking area beyond.

The Town Hall is constructed of eight inch square heavy timber cypress that serves as the building’s exterior finish, insulation, and interior finish. The 43 steel trusses that make up the roof structure provide deep overhangs to protect the walls, while the roof’s open gable ends help to vent the building. Fabricated from a series of steel angle frames, the building’s windows and doors articulate openings in the timbers by being placed fully inside or outside of the timber walls. The material palette was designed to give both physical and psychological weight to the civic building.
Eight inch square heavy timber cypress serves as the building’s exterior finish, insulation, and interior finish.
The Firehouse and Town Hall create a civic square in downtown Newbern.
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