completed home

Rev. Walker’s Home

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    Addie Harchelroad, Becca Wiggs, George Slaughter, Paul Fallin

The design for Rev. Walker’s Home is a response to the phenomena of home expansion that is common in rural areas: instead of selling and moving, homeowners often expand their current houses. The problem is that additions often undermine the original home and become points of failure in roof and foundation, often leading to catastrophic failure.

A rural home that offers outdoor living and opportunities for expansion.
Building upon last year’s housing research, and to mitigate this condition, this year’s 5th-year student team has provided Rev. Walker a large post-structured roof over a continuous sheltered slab foundation to protect and facilitate additions. Along with its potential future uses, the covered space provides shelter and reduces weather delays during construction.
The big roof celebrates outdoor living space and underneath provides a small, cross ventilated enclosure—designed for one or two occupants—that can adapt to meet changing household needs. The home functions as a springboard for creative future expansions in the unenclosed space that can adapt to lifestyle changes and encourages the client to make a place that is distinctly their own.
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