Rose Lee sitting on the front porch of her house

Rose Lee’s House

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    Newbern, AL
    2nd-Year Project

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    Rose Lee’s Home
    dearq | Magazine | Elena Barthel | December 2010

  • Project Team

    Tyler Allgood, Kendra Ayers, Tanner Backman, Doug Bacon, Bob Benner, Brandon Block, Stephanie Brown, David Charney, Jordan Cox, Michael De St. Aubin, Rebecca Hayes, Clay Jackson, Kenneth Lao, Tina Maceri, Alexandra Peoples, Autumn Sikorowski, Sarah Al-Rukhayyes, Andrew Dolder, Christine Furey, Alex Henderson, Randall Holmes, Stephen Kesel, Ally Klinner, Corey Lee, Lauren Oliver, Benjamin Pendergraft, Andrew Taylor, Daniel Toner, Christina Walton, Elizabeth Whitlock, Joseph Wojciechowski, Katie Woods, Mary Melissa Yohn

Rose Lee’s House is the result of two semesters work of the 2nd-Year Studio. The purpose of the 2nd-Year Studio was to investigate contemporary forms of rural dwellings. In 2008-2009, Rose’s House focused in experimentation of the Expandable House. This house expands and grows by need, and over time: it is based in the traditional local farmhouse strategy and its design is driven by the client’s priorities, necessities and lifestyle.

A flexible home, open to different variations and future expansions
Reasoning The Expandable House responds to the transient nature and demographic of the contemporary family. The goal is to propose a design and building strategy capable of providing a flexible home, open to different variations and future expansions.

Responsive Design
The courtyard brings natural light, weather and landscape into the center of the dwelling, together with privacy and intimacy, and during the hot west Alabama months, becomes the ‘outdoor living room’. The experimentation of the Expandable Courtyard House reintroduces, into the housing debate, one of the main heritages of the Modern Movement and offers the opportunity to test a low-rise model as an alternative to the contemporary “Sprawl logic,” for the development of rural villages and their densification.

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