Lumber being stored under the Fabrication Pavillion

Rural Studio Fabrication Pavilion

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    2015, 2024
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    2015: Adam Levet, Gabbi Rush, Kyle Wherry, Megan Wood

    2024: Anna Leach, Laura Forrest, Marcelo Aldrete, Tatum DeBardeleben

The Fabrication Pavilion fills the need for a workspace that improves the craft, efficiency, and capabilities of construction. The original design-build of the pavilion, started in September 2014, provided a covered, level working surface for students to build mock-ups and test ideas. Since then, this space has become essential, and its use has evolved over seven years.

The growth and adaptation phase began in September 2023 with the 5th-year team studying ways to improve the infrastructure and expand the loading area, as well as how to integrate designated storage and teaching/review space. The exploration will also include a new material strategy for the underside of the expansive roof and better lighting strategies, especially for nighttime use.

The latest team is developing weather screens that provide better protection from wind, rain, and glare while also providing protection of stored materials, tools, and in-progress projects.

A workspace to improve the craft, efficiency, and capabilities of construction at Rural Studio.
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