Solar Panels on Greenhouse

Rural Studio Farm Solar Power

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Josh Adams, Lauren Barnes, Catie Denney, Kenny Fallon, Zoe Gardner

Rural Studio has long been praised for its environmental ethic of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Now, for the first time, we’re taking steps toward alternative energy use. The journey begins with the installation of our first solar panel at the Greenhouse and a strategic plan to bring the Pods and Supershed to net-zero.

The first solar panel used at Rural Studio

At the Greenhouse, a solar powered irrigation system is in place. Water will be collected from the Greenhouse roof, stored in an underground cistern, pumped into a tower using solar power, and then fed into the garden. The Pods, ever an exercise in experimental living, received energy audits, and subsequent improvements have been made to building envelopes, heating systems, and lighting. A grid-tied solar array is designed for the south-facing roof of the Supershed. The energy generated will be greater than the energy used in the pods, bringing them to net-zero.

Rural Studio’s first steps to net-zero

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