featured image of Thomaston Farmers market

Thomaston Farmer’s Market

  • Overview


    Thomaston, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Project Team

    Jeffrey Johnston, Melissa Kearley, Jimmy Turner, John Waters Jr., Bruce Lanier III

With this project, Rural Studio began working on civic interventions to improve the economic situations of towns and communities. The team was tasked with not only designing their project but also siting it properly for its use and success. The project, consists of a few elements that are meant to work together simply and efficiently to accommodate the farmer’s market as an event. The columns are spaced to allow for trucks to pull through the pavilion in either direction. The butterfly roof structure delicately commands a busy urban intersection. Finally, an attention to the ground work organizes circulation for both vehicles and pedestrians, through and around the market facility. Still in use today, the market has since expanded and required more permanent accessories to the pavilion. For this reason, teammate, Bruce Lanier, with another Rural Studio alumni, Rob Culpepper, actually returned to fabricate tables that would be attached to the columns so as to give the farmers more space to sell their goods. This kind of lasting success is not only a result of the team’s choice in materials but also a testament to their attention to siting the project as a whole, and working diligently 

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