Tripping Walls

And we’re back! After a very merry break, the team has returned to Rural Studio and we are ready to get the new year rolling. With little time to waste, the we finished framing the interior walls. Now, we can experience the living, sleeping, and bathing space live, in person, and in three dimensions. Exciting stuff! Once the walls were up, we went back and installed blocking. These small, horizontal pieces of wood placed between the studs will support things like grab bars in the bathroom and cabinets in the food prep space. We also added extra blocking in unit two so that C.H.O.I.C.E. can have two fully accessible units in the future if needed.

As soon as the walls went up, we turned our attention to the doors and windows. With some extra elbow grease from 5th-year student, Ashley Wilson, and a little bit of Steve Long’s Know-How, all of the windows and doors were fully installed in just a couple of days!

A couple more cans of window sealing foam and we’ll officially be dried in! And with that, we’re ready to start plumbing and wiring. Back at the drawing board, Davis has been working on some lighting studies to set the mood for our electrical plan while simultaneously putting plumbing in order with a shopping trip for supplies to follow soon after.

Next time y’all hear from us, we’ll be high and dry. Roof metal installation is coming soon! ‘Til then: keep making good C.H.O.I.C.E.S!