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30th Anniversary Endowment Campaign

Rural Studio turned 30 this year! As we look back on our accomplishments, we want to ensure that we keep this important work going. We’re asking for your help to create a permanent $30,000 trust in your name that supports students and their projects.

This campaign celebrates three decades of working, living, and learning in our West Alabama community. Every dollar of this fund will support Rural Studio’s primary mission: to educate future architects through hands-on experiences that deepen their understanding of the built environment, including its impact on people and communities.

We are looking for 30 donors, or donor groups, to pledge $30,000 over the next five years. That’s just $6,000 a year for you to build a legacy of supporting students’ work at Rural Studio.

Your investment will provide concrete, perpetual support for our students and their projects. If you’re asking yourself why you should join our campaign, here are a few reasons:

  • You care about rural places. You want to see them thrive through community-building, economic security, and healthful living.
  • You care about Rural Studio. You’ve seen the work we’ve done in West Alabama and the way we’ve helped other rural areas grow new roots through architecture and design.
  • And finally, you care about educating architecture students. You know that education matters, and hands-on, placed-based learning is vital to shaping citizens of the world.

Interested? Find out more information by contacting Alex Hart at or 334-752-1648.

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