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Is it true that 100% of your gift goes to support our students building projects?

Yes! Did you know that Auburn University covers operational and administrative costs for Rural Studio, but the Studio relies fully on gift and grant funds to build projects? Unlike most charitable organizations, Rural Studio receives every penny of your gift. Donate today!

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Does Rural Studio welcome volunteers?

We appreciate your interest, but at this time we are not able to accept volunteers. Find other ways you can support the Studio on our How You Can Help page.

Does Rural Studio offer tours?

Yes! Find out everything you need to know about touring Rural Studio and community projects in West Alabama on our Visit Us page.

Does Rural Studio provide information about projects on request?

Although we are not able to respond to individual requests at this time, you can find tons of info on our website. Check out the projects and student blogs.

Who made this cool website?

Our friends at Tatum Design in Birmingham, AL, made this beautiful website. Check out their work!

Does Rural Studio offer an internship program or program for people from other schools?

Thanks for asking! Rural Studio is part of Auburn University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture. We are not an architecture firm and do not employ architectural interns. You can find out if any other employment opportunities are available on our Work For Us page.

Are there similar university design-build programs elsewhere?

Quite a few architecture schools offer design-build programs, though they vary in size and scope by school. To name a few: Neighborhood Design/Build in Seattle, Yestermorrow in Vermont, Studio 804 in Kansas, Design Build BLUFF in Utah, Tulane City Center in New Orleans, Fay Jones SoA Design-Build in Arkansas, Vlock Building Project at Yale University, Wood Studio in Finland, and Die Baupiloten in Germany.

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