Another Hale Summer? That’s Hot

Hello! Welcome to warm weather. Boots are on the ground, water is in the air, and the Patrice’s Home team is in the sweaty swing of things. 

Spring came and went, and now Summer is here. So the grass is a growin’ on Patriece’s site—or at least it was trying to until the team took the trencher to it. Now the home is connected to the water supply, electric, and septic tank! Not to worry, the students are diligently spreading grass seed and turning on the sprinkler to give Patriece a lovely lawn. 

Look at this gorgeous Cypress wood porch thanks to an amazing donation from AC Hardwoods out of Clarksdale, Georgia! The team is using these tongue and groove boards to clad the interior of the home’s porches. First, the boards were sealed on all sides to ensure they last and weather nicely, then the boards were cut and nailed in. Look at them glow! With wood on five sides, the warmth and interiority of the porches feels great. 

The students contracted out the drywall work to ensure a well-crafted finish, but before the contractors arrive, the final touch is installing the water heater. Some (you know who you are) doubted, but it fits between the trusses! 

The team covered the floor and then the drywall magic happened! Patriece’s Home got a glow-up just in time for Pig Roast.

The Studio’s closest friends, neighbors, and collaborators arrived at Patriece’s Home first thing Saturday morning of Pig Roast weekend. The crowd got to hear and see what their support has helped build and accomplish thus far! 

They team has now entered their second leftover era, so immediately after Pig Roast weekend they got back to work!

Thank you 3rd-years for staying to help dig the French drain in exchange for helping with the roof on Rosie’s Home! They also helped build a very nice gravel pathway to connect the two porches on the west side of the home. 

And to shade that path: thank you to R. Scott Williams from Montgomery, Alabama, for donating two Willow Oaks and one Overcup Oak! These three trees create boundaries and zones in the yard. They will also eventually shade and match the height of this new home over its long lifetime!

The team then transitioned indoors for a bit as they started to prime and paint! And paint! And paint. And…. 

The team then finished all the trim around the interior of the windows! They chalked and wood puttied the blemishes and then, guess what, painted. 

Finally, with the walls finished, the team gets to start putting on the home’s jewelry. Outlets and switches, Ooo Lala!

Speaking of jewelry, we forgot to mention the shiny whirlybirds on the home’s finished roof! Those three gems, spinning away, are proof of the house’s passive cooling strategy, as hot air drains out the second floor of the home. 

Well, while we’re admiring the outside, look at these gorgeous window shades that were fabricated by Rural Studio alums at Blackshop, in Birmingham, Alabama. Thank you so much, Zane and Cassandra! 

The team installed the window shades and that was the final go they needed before finishing the exterior flashing and siding! They cut and screwed corrugated metal sheets to finally cover up all that green. And just like that, the exterior of Patrice’s Home was finished!! And, just in time for the heat of summer, the team moves inside. The next blog post will be the last for Patriece’s Home, so check back in and you’ll see the final touches on the interior. So exciting!

P.S. Whoops! The last exterior finish is that pop of red on the door!