Front Porch Initiative
Everyone deserves good design. The Front Porch Initiative aims to develop a scalable, agile, and resilient delivery process for beautiful, well-designed high-performance homes titled as real property while supporting an industry of home building in underresourced rural communities.
Woman standing on the porch of a Rural Studio home
The Problem
The United States is largely a nation of homeowners. But, in 2017, an Urban Institute report found that no county in the entire country had enough housing to meet the need. With few alternatives for affordable housing in rural America, a national crisis is at hand.
Illustration showing lack of homes
Our Approach
Rural Studio is working to develop a range of partnerships to address the total cost of homeownership, including the products and policies necessary to increase housing affordability.
Model of a product line home
Our Response
We are focused on creating high-performance homes that consider the total cost of homeownership, specifically addressing the areas of efficiency, durability, health, and wealth.