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Unlocking Home Affordability

High Performance Homes

Increasing performance in these four key areas boosts value while also reducing risk to all stakeholders.

Model version of Dave's Home


Long-term prevention begins with a healthy home.

  • Building assemblies address material toxicity and air quality
  • Safety, security, and accessibility all impact mental health
  • Homes are designed for thermal health and human comfort
  • Active design and aging in place are key design factors
  • Demonstrated wellness outcomes increase home value


Homeownership is essential to financial wealthbuilding.

  • Homeownership provides stability and security
  • The home is considered an investable asset
  • Over time, equity increases financial leverage
  • Local construction increases workforce capacity
  • Homes titled as real property appreciate in value


Increasing building resilience helps expect the unexpected.

  • Increasing resilience helps protect the asset
  • Reduces cost of annual maintenance and repairs
  • Leverages insurance incentives to reduce annual premiums
  • Reduces displacement time due to a disaster


Turning monthly expenses into monthly investments.

  • Enables homeowner to “afford” a more valuable home
  • Efficient homes smooth out monthly energy costs
  • Homes are designed to maximize shoulder seasons
  • Efficient homes have a higher appraised value
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