Graduation in Greensboro

Although Auburn University postponed our 2020 Commencement Ceremony to August 8-9, we were still able to come together and celebrate our graduation in Greensboro. Our dear friend Tyler Webb, a local Physical Therapist, delivered a fantastic graduation speech on the fly and Jake gave out participation medals to commemorate our time at Rural Studio.

students on front porch

We are so grateful for all the time we’ve spent at Rural Studio and are excited to finally graduate and become alumni! The world feels very uncertain right now, but we’re glad we have one another to lean on.

It’s been a rough semester working around the difficulties of a world-wide pandemic, but we still have a lot to celebrate! We were able to create a wonderful relationship with our Hale County Hospital community partners, paint a beautiful mural in downtown Greensboro, create branding that the Hospital can use for years, and we are almost done with our project book!

students in front of trees

Thanks to all of our family and friends who helped us along the way, especially our fellow Auburn architecture classmates who have made the past five years survivable, incredible, and enjoyable.

“If you had fun, you won.”