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20K Johnnie Mae’s Home

  • Overview


    Faunsdale, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Fall 2016
    Cassandra Cody, Hyun Shin, Jacob Elbrecht, Jake Parks, Kate Mazade, Katherine Ferguson, Kathryn Cantine, Lauren Ballard, Madeline Gibbs, Meghan Bernhardt, Preston Rains, Rowland Sauls, Sarah Page

    Spring 2017
    Andrew Spencer, Carter Hadley, Dezzarah Jackson, Elizabeth Mims, Forrest Wood, Jedediah Grant, Julia Ruiz, Kaitlin Farley, Kayla Jackson, Maia-Alicia Meredith, Nadine Hernandez, Robert Nolan, Walker Reeves, Yibo Qiao

3rd-year students designed and built a home for Johnnie Mae based upon the design of the 20K Income Home. Johnnie Mae’s Home is two living spaces under one roof and joined by a large accessible porch that gives the resident the option of additional private living space that could be rented out for added income. 

The larger of the two living spaces has a large open kitchen, a dining and living room, an accessible bathroom with adjacent laundry area, and two bedrooms. On the other side of the dogtrot porch, the smaller space has a bedroom, a small bathroom, and a kitchenette. The students were tasked with how to site the building in a way that optimized the site, to develop an accessible entry, resolve the structure of the porch and roof, and develop the material choices and detailing of interior casework and exterior siding and decking, as well as fine-tuning the window locations.

hand-drawn student rendering
Two living spaces under one roof, joined by a porch

Johnnie Mae has lived and worked near Faunsdale most of her life, and her home is the location for large family gatherings most Sundays for barbecues and socializing. She has nurtured the Magnolia trees that she planted in her yard over twenty years ago, and her attention to the yard and neighborhood has inspired the design to incorporate additional trees and outdoor space to host future gatherings. A strong visual connection with the street and front yard has been maintained through careful window and door placement.

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