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20K Sylvia’s Home

  • Overview


    Perry County, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Project Team

    Lucas McCarrell, Dylan Moore, Margaret Shariett, Taiwei Wang

Sylvia’s Home is the first 20K Home to explore a hip roof. The hip roof allows large overhangs on all four sides, helping to protect the home’s walls from rain and sun. With an interior at 754 square feet, Sylvia’s Home is the most compact of the four new two-bedroom homes. The plan contains a rectangular volume (interior space) with the living room, dining room, and kitchen. A second volume contains the more private areas of the bedrooms, bathroom, and a utility space. By intersecting the two volumes and then shifting them past one another, the team created porches on each end. The adjoining areas also work to eliminate empty circulation space.

sylvia's home plan
Large overhangs protect the home’s walls from rain and sun
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