Full view of Akron Pavillion

Akron Pavilion

  • Overview


    Akron, AL
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    Stephen Hoffman, Todd Stuart, Jonathan Tate

An efficient and simple construction, this pavilion used many local materials that were either found or donated. The floor of the pavilion is a brick pad which allows for more deliberate activities to happen beneath the cover of the roof. The pad is also elevated and retained with railroad ties that reference the locomotive history of Akron’s more industrial age and also functionally protect the pavilion from flooding. The roof is supported with columns and beams harvested from an abandoned railroad bridge and are able to span a great distance. The overall roof profile with its two distinct pitches define a large gathering space and a more intimate porch space, respectively. The modesty of the architecture allows for the two spaces to be flexible and well used. While the form has a moderately unorthodox shape, it is situated in a dense forest which allows it to be something that is pleasantly discovered rather than obtrusively pronounced. At its core, the pavilion is a multi-use shelter that blends well with its context through its subtly articulated and historically sourced material palette.

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