Bryant haybale house

Bryant Haybale House

  • Overview


    Mason’s Bend, AL
    2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Project

  • Awards & Media

    Shepard Bryant House
    Architecture | magazine | Robert A. Ivy | October 1994

    Butterflies and Hay Bales
    Wemedia | magazine | Rosemarie Blitchington | January – February 2001

  • Project Team

    Joseph Alcock, David Baker, Amy Batchelor, Janelle Bell, Melonie Bradshaw, Timothy Burnett, Jeff Cooper, Mark Cooper, Alison Easterwood, Todd Filbert, Christopher Fogle, Steve Hand, Scott Holmes, David Hughes, William Jernigan, Kimeran Kelley, Tae Kim, Thomas Lockhart, Tiffini Lovelace, Charles Martin, Josh Mason, David Meier, Benjamin Mosley, William Murner, John Nitz, Gustavus Orum III, Thomas Parrham, William Randall III, Christopher Robinson, Raymon Rutledge, Nick Sfakianos, Christopher Smith, James Smith, Jr., Todd Stewart, Gregory Stueber, Ashley Sullivan, Jonathan Tate, Melissa Teng, James Thompson, Thomas Tretheway, Kelly Van Eaton, Timothy Vaught, Ruard Veltman, Oreon Williams

The Bryant House was built for Shepard and Alberta Bryant, and their two grandchildren. The 24-inch thick walls are stacked hay bales stuccoed over with concrete; sheltered by a large roof that creates a great southern porch. In 2003 Shepard passed away and Alberta continued to live in the house until 2007. Their granddaughter Cupcake now calls the house home.

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