Hale County Hospital Courtyard 2

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    Ingrid Stahl, Jake Schirmer, Kyra Stark, & Nicole Brown

Hale County Hospital was built in 1963 with a Hill Burton Hospital grant that supported the construction of many rural hospitals nationwide. Since then, the hospital has expanded multiple times creating its current “U” shape. The Hale County Hospital prides itself on standing out as a community health center where neighbors look after each other.

A team of 5th-year students from Rural Studio renovated the Hale County Hospital Courtyard in 2006. Due to several unforeseen maintenance factors and a shift in the needs of the hospital, the hospital administrators asked Rural Studio to help update the courtyard to better serve their community and the developing programs. The hospital staff would like the updated courtyard to better accommodate their new therapy programs, break space for the staff, and recreation for visitors. The team’s primary goals for the project include improving drainage, enhancing outdoor comfort throughout the year, and providing better space for a variety of targeted health activities.

Neighbors helping neighbors
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