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Lions Park Fitness

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Project Team

    Christine Bagdigian, Kyle Johnson, John McDaniel, Anna Powers

The Lions Park Fitness project adds a layer of personal fitness opportunities to the park. Although the Park features many team-oriented sports (baseball, football, soccer, and basketball), the walking trail is also a popular amenity. To enhance the opportunities for individual fitness in the Park, the team added a series of workout machines adjacent to the walking trail. The fitness machines are designed to use the weight of the individual using the machine to provide resistance and offer strength training. The equipment was selected and placed to offer the park user a mix of cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility.

Workout machines adjacent to the walking trail provide fitness opportunities

Each piece of equipment sits on a concrete plinth and is located to take advantage of a specific view in the park. A series of smaller sticks, referencing back to the work done by the Lions Park Surfaces team, connect the plinths. The equipment is located on a ledge near the back of the football/soccer field, which takes advantage of easy access to the equipment on one side and the aesthetics of a dramatic drop on the other side. The pieces also look out over a lake located across the property line from the Park.

Users can work on three types of fitness while enjoying views
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