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Lions Park Hub

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Project Team

    Edward May, Madelynne Miller, Gwendolyn Mowbray, Charles Spires

The Lions Park Hub project developed strategies for energizing the southwest side of the park and a proposal for a new hub building for several patron groups in the park. The building primarily aimed to serve as a meeting space for the local Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops, but also included amenities to serve the pee-wee football league and park visitors using the walking trail. The goal for the Hub was to consolidate multiple programmatic elements under one roof while allowing some functions to be publicly accessible and others to be accessible only to the Scouts.

line rendering of the lions park hub
Energizing the southwest side of the park
To make the space flexible, a larger enclosed, non-insulated pavilion was designed to be flanked by two smaller insulated boxes. Garage doors along the long sides of the building would allow the space to open up into the park and also allow for natural ventilation. A smaller enclosure, referred to as the winter meeting space, was designed to be be shut off from the larger pavilion and contain a wood burning stove for heat. The structure of the pavilion was designed to be a heavy-timber frame, while the two boxes at the end wood stud framed.
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