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Morrisette House Kitchen

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Jessica Cain, Sarah Chaplin, Enoc Cruz, Hunter Dyas, Brittany Fleming, Sarahgrace Godwin, Sean Jeong, Hanna Johns, Benjamin Johnson, Eric Kessler, Thomas Kurian, Yesufu Oladipo, Matthew Patterson, Ivan Vanchev, Julian Vida, Justin Washburn, Alyssa Webster, Daniel Weldon

The Studio’s commercial kitchen allows us to cook what we produce on site. The kitchen is an extension of Morrisette House and is separated from the original house by a dogtrot. The kitchen, certified by the health department, is off-limits to students (who have their own kitchen). The addition adheres to the age-old local practice of separating the main house from the kitchen to prevent the house from catching fire. We built the commercial kitchen with two-by-six-inch frame construction on piers. The gabled dogtrot, framing a beautiful grove of pecans, connects the Great Hall—the Studio’s main daily gathering space—to both the house and the kitchen. The tall cathedral ceiling is framed with plywood trusses.

We hired a local chef to run our kitchen two meals a day, three days a week, and the students in the 3rd-year studio even designed a diet inspired by food writer Michael Pollan and his “flexitarian diet.” The diet is based on the slogan: “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

computer rendering of Morisette House with kitchen attached
A new space to cook from farm to table
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