Moundville Archaeological Park Community Pavilion

  • Overview


    Moundville, AL
    2019 & 2022
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    2019 | Emily Lopez, Katie Cantine, Lauren Ballard, Sarah Page

    2022 | Brenton Smith, Caitlyn Biffle, Collin Brown, Jackie Rosborough

Moundville Archaeological Park is the historic site of one of the largest Native American settlements during the Mississippian culture. National Geographic called Moundville, “The Big Apple of the 14th Century,” as it was once America’s largest city north of Mexico. Now owned and operated by The University of Alabama, the park preserves 326 acres along the Black Warrior River, where 29 mounds remain that once served as platforms for residential, civic, and cultural life and ceremonies.

Today, a museum, an active archaeological lab, campgrounds, trails, and more surround the perimeter of the mounds, outside the now ancient palisade wall. The site is known for its annual Native American Festival, which brings visitors from all around the country, including multiple tribes for whom it serves as an ancestral home. Rural Studio is designing and building a pavilion and surrounding landscape near the campsites that will serve the visiting campers, local community members, and as a potential focal point for future Native American festivals.

A new outdoor space for events and daily park users

a “butterfly” ceiling allows users to feel connected to their surroundings while a gable roof protects them from the elements
2019 team photo
2019 Team
2022 Team
2022 Team
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