featured image of Music Man's home on a hill

Music Man House

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    2nd Year Project

  • Awards & Media

    Without Ego: Music Man House
    Crit | Magazine | Richard Taylor | Fall 2003

  • Project Team

    Fall 2002
    Blair Bricken, Julieta Collart, Benjamin Collins, David Davis, Leigh Ann Duncan, Lana Farkas, Connely Farr, Nathan Foust, Tate Foy, Lauren Frayer, Mona Pedro, Dustin Shue, Daniel Splaingard, Mark Wise, Robert Wright
    Spring 2003
    John Ayers, David Boettcher, Alicia Gjesvold, Nicholas Gray, Philip Hamilton, Kevin Kim, Allison Cerrissa Kulpa, Jonathon Mahorney, Mary Helen Neal, Jeremy Sargent, Heidi Schattin, Jennifer Thompson, Lillian Ulmer, Ryan Vernon, Tamika Watts, Joseph Yester, Jessie Zenor

The students worked closely with their client, Music Man, who is listed in the phone book as M.E. Cancer, he says it stands for Mr. Eyes Cancer, and who also identifies himself as Jimmy Lee Matthews. Encouraging his eclectic style, his house is a menagerie of donated and found materials. Artist Butch Anthony collaborated with the students for the porch screen as well as a gate at the road.

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