Patriece's Home at dusk with house lights on

Patriece’s Home

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    5th-Year Project

  • Project Team

    Adam Davis, Daniel Burton, Laurel Holloway, Lauren Lovell

Patriece’s Home design is focused on providing more space for varying and multi-generational families in a small footprint. Often in rural areas, like Hale County, one family will live in the same home for many generations. This design offers opportunities and challenges for the home to adapt as the number of occupants and their relationships change. Although the home is designed to be adaptable, the goal for future users is to be able to modify the space without significant alterations or additions to the interior rooms. In this design, the interior of the home expands upward rather than outward, decreasing the overall cost per square footage.

“A two-story home that can adapt as its occupancy changes.”

This project also explores the use of an attic truss for occupying the roof and the option of separating the home into two independent living units, a potential for a second source of income. Because homes are such an important asset to a rural homeowner, this project seeks to optimize how the home can be used as generations of residents and their circumstances change.

So what all can the stair can do for a home besides providing circulation between the two stories? The team has found the stair to be an excellent tool for creating a threshold and sound barrier between units while also providing storage and hosting social interaction. The stair is also useful for natural ventilation as well as pushing light deeper into the home.

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