Social Distancing

Screenshot of zoom call

Considering the current circumstance of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Studio has temporarily closed its doors for the safety of the Studio and the community. For the last couple of weeks we have been transitioning to a virtual studio in order to continue pushing the design, and finalize details while we wait for news to return to site.

Drawing of railing corner pieces from above

Some weeks ago, we started to go through iterations of what would be best for the walkway railing end, especially considering no other railing turns the corner. However, we felt the best way to understand the design was to put up the fabricated pieces and study the existing conditions before going further. Now that we have gone through multiple iterations, (solid panels, grating, and entirely different materials) we have choosen to continue with the same language to minimize the “noise” at the north end and keep the same lightness and transparency as the rest of the design.

After all the screens and railing pieces were up, the next step was to start working on the concrete surfaces. Both the slab in the stage porch, and the sidewalk under the walkway that culminated with a concrete wall. This included re-routing the gas line away from the building in a location where it would be accessible if needed, rather than embeded in the concrete. This led to its future placement being along the screen legs, at the top of the trenches. This will be the first thing to be completed when construction is resumed.

Slate is going to be the material for the finish ground surface where there isn’t concrete or bricks. For the last couple of iterations, slate is also used on the perimeter of the slabs, which would give tolerance to the nearly 200-year building and recreate the two-inch gap that is between the walkway wall plate and bracket. Giving the rainwater somewhere to drip, while avoiding the concrete. This detail is re-created in the porch for consistency and for the cladding to have some breathing room if water does enter the space.