Stringer-ing You Along!

Oh Hi! The Patriece’s Home team has been busy lately making progress on their two-story home! 

Back in August, representatives from Huber Engineered Woods visited the team at Patriece’s Home site to speak about the donated ZIP System and AdvanTech products! (Thanks again to our friends at Huber!) ZIP Systems are “a revolutionary structural roof and wall system that streamlines weatherization with an integrated air and water-resistive barrier.” The Huber team conducted an in-person tutorial where the team applied ZIP and stretch tape then rolled it with the experts to ensure it adhered to the ZIP System sheets. 

The team was then equipped to fly up the wall. As the team sheathed, they applied the tape upwards and placed battens to walk up the roof slope as they worked. They shifted around scaffolding, donned harnesses, and passed around ZIP sheets until the entire exterior of the house was sheathed and the weather barrier was secured.

With the exterior covered and the cold fall wind beginning to blow, the team was excited to walk inside the house (woah) and start building out the interior walls. They started on the first-floor walls, and the bedrooms and bathrooms started to be formed. 

The team then used Huber’s Advantech product underneath their stair tread subfloor to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t squeak when it is walked over.

Along with the ZIP System and AdvanTech products, we received another gift: we’ve been counting down the days since early Summer for the home’s window delivery! Thank you to Pella for the wonderful donation of all the home’s windows. The team was so eager to bring light into the home, they started to cut the ZIP away from the window apertures the same morning as the delivery. It took them two days to install most of the home’s windows. 

All the natural light from these lovely windows brought life into the interior and character to Patriece’s home’s exterior, brightening our workspace and providing a glimpse into the home’s final facade.

The next blog post from the Patriece’s Home will show even more details and progress on the site, so check in again soon!