featured image of Hale County Hospital

Hale County Hospital Courtyard

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    5th Year Project

  • Project Team

    Blair Bricken, Nathan Foust, Nicholas Gray, Heidi Schattin

The Hale County Courtyard project was a renovation of the existing hospital’s central exterior space. Obvious to the Studio and to the hospital’s administration, the courtyard had issues with shade and drainage, these concerns drove many of the design decisions. A covered walkway connects interior spaces with exterior shaded circulation. Drainage pipes help to mitigate run-off from the buildings roofs and water that pools within the space itself. 

Renovation introduced new landscaping, shade, and controlled drainage

The hospital, unfortunately uses many loud and inefficient window units to cool the building. A water feature and crushed gravel were implemented to reduce some of that sound and defer one’s attention to these more pleasant noises. Trees, shrubs, grasses, and vines help to define the space and give guidance towards how the courtyard is meant to be used. These plants have grown well over the years and are now one of the main focuses of not only the courtyard but also the hospital as a whole. Certainly a well regarded space, the courtyard is fully integrated into the lives of both patients and medical practitioners who are in the hospital on a daily basis.

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