featured image of farmstand

Organic Vegetable Stand

In a field 20 miles northeast of Newbern, this project is a small ground covering structure that facilitated the sale of vegetables for Willie Nell Avery. The tree trunk columns supporting the shed roof are notched at the top on both sides, to allow for the doubled-up rafters to be bolted. Above the rafters are purlins that bear the weight of the simple corrugated steel and hang lights toward the space below.

Also attached to the columns, are sliding gates that protect the stand when it is not in use. The columns march out into the field, and for this reason, the gates are able to be moved completely out of the way of the stand. With the help of folk artist Butch Anthony, the gates; made out of hogwire, license plates, road signs, and an old trailer; were constructed as abstract screens. Furniture within the space allows for people to relax when purchasing produce and a bathtub is used as a wash station for vegetable cleaning. This small but deliberate project takes a utilitarian program and embraces found and local materials to increase the functional beauty of the final space.

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