Side view of the Shiles House

Shiles House

  • Overview


    Hale County, AL
    2nd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Fall 2001
    Erin Aubry, Glen Allen Barfield, Amy Holer Bell, Adrienne Brady, John Foshee, Jonathan Fuller, David Garner, Amy Green, Steve Long, Nicole McDermott, Gary Miller, Coley Mulcahy, Alyson Myers, Amy Owen, Scott Pickens, Katherine Scott, Manley Seale, Alan Stevenson
    Spring 2002
    Dereck Aplin, Josh Arnett, Robert Austin, Laura Filipek, Amanda Herron, Paul Howard, Angela Hughey, Gabriel Ika, Carrie Jaxon, Shawn Kent, Catherine Liscum, Janice Madden, Chance Parrish, James Rutherford, Turnley Smith, Monica Starling, Sam Vines, Lauren Wilson

Standing on telephone pole stilts to lift the building out of a wet landscape, the house touches the ground at specific points using a tire structure; the tires penetrating the interior of the building creating a winding staircase that wraps around the family room. The entryway, signified by a “big roof” is a modified dogtrot form, with the children’s rooms and family room on one side and the kitchen, utility room, and mother’s room on the other side of the dogtrot. The exterior is clad in oak shingles cut from wooden shipping palettes.

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