featured image of 20K Bridge Home

20K Bridge Home

  • Overview


    Greensboro, AL
    5th Year/Outreach Project

  • Project Team

    Betsy Farrell, Drew Merkle, Rand Pinson, Ashley Snell

The Bridge Home is the fourth and final installment of the North Ward houses designed and built in 2008. The Bridge Home furthers the structural truss-wall system first employed in the Truss Home (the third 20K Project iteration). The Roundwood Home, another North Ward home, also used structural trusses, though these were made using sustainable timbers. By using metal studs instead of wood, the Bridge Home’s trusses are not only lighter in weight but easier to construct as well.

Metal studs for trusses reduced weight and made construction easier

On the interior, a two-foot-deep storage wall separates the social and private spaces of the home. A small front porch, which can be used for gatherings, expands the social space of the house in the front, while the client has a larger back porch attached to the bedroom to enhance their privacy. Both the trusses span the long dimensions of the home, extending into the exterior porch spaces, and are thus suggestive of a bridge. The exterior is clad in sheet metal, and the roof cladding is painted corrugated metal.

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