mac's home

20K Mac’s Home

  • Overview


    Faunsdale, AL
    Outreach Project

  • Project Team

    Clem Blakemore, Pernilla Hagbert, Will Holman

Built in 2010, MacArthur’s Home (or just Mac’s Home) is the ninth home to be built as part of the 20K Project. It largely follows the strong precedent set by its most recent predecessor, Dave’s Home, both in terms of its straightforward construction and its refined material palette. Mac’s Home does, however, continue to iterate on the design template established by the 20K Project homes in order to fit the needs of different clients.

hand sketch of Macs house
A modified form of the vernacular dogtrot house

In response to the open floorplan of Dave’s Home, Mac’s Home divides the interior spaces into two distinct rooms: the “day space,” which is the common, social area of the house; and the “night space,” which is the bedroom. Along with the central kitchen, the front porch sits in the middle of the house, tucking under the roof between these two side volumes.

A generous back porch was designed with the option of being enclosed in the future for use as a second bedroom. This expansion strategy would allow the home to grow with the family that occupies it. The door to the back porch also aligns with the front door, affording an opportunity for cross-ventilation. The overall floorplan gives the home a modified form of the vernacular dogtrot house. Mac’s Home would later be the second to be included in the product line as part of the 20K Initiative.

The space is divided into two rooms, separating day and night activities
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