construction site at sunset

Rosie’s Home

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd-Year Project

  • Project Team

    FALL 2021
    Laura Forrest, Peter Harpring

    SPRING 2022
    Jon Hunt Ficken, Anna Leach, Sarah Recht, Will Robinson, Grant Schurman, & Julia Whitt

    FALL 2022
    Alex Tate, Amanda Kaase, Elizabeth Klein, Ellis Smith, Eric Miles, Gabe Brown, Jenna Webb, John Ratley, Paxtyn Whitney, Rachel Klein, Tricia Smith

    SPRING 2023
    Canon McConnell, Finn Downes, Junting Song, Lucas Henderson, Trenton Williams

Rosie’s Home builds upon our ongoing post-frame construction research, where we first build a roof on site and then construct the home underneath. This approach allows us to more quickly work on site in a sheltered and controlled environment. This version of a post-frame home is a multi-phased project. Our 3rd-year students in the Fall semester are analyzing both the client’s site as well as previous 20K Homes to determine the size, form, and location of the initial roof structure for Rosie’s Home. Local contractors will erect the chosen roof assembly. The Spring semester students will continue the project by designing and building the spaces below the roof.

Rural Studio is studying this type of construction for several reasons. Protection: The roof is built first, so we can work get to work quickly, even during the rainy season. Expansion: Our clients can more easily make additions under a big roof. Typology: Post-frame structures are common, affordable, and of the vernacular in West Alabama.
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