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Rural Studio Farm Greenhouse Workroom & Tool Shed

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Stephen Fleming, Ryan Taunton, Maggie Wohltjen, Andrew Lang, Zack Cundey 

On the northern side of the Greenhouse, there are two small spaces designated as a workroom and tool shed for our gardener and farming staff. The structure of the spaces uses the same steel frame as the Greenhouse, but, instead of glass, the spaces are shaded by metal roofs. The interiors of the workroom and tool shed are clad in natural cypress siding to contrast the ubiquitous metallic and reflective surfaces of the Greenhouse, bringing material warmth into the spaces.

In the workroom, the cypress siding is ship-lapped, creating a sturdy and continuous wall to support shelving and provide a surface for the gardener to pin up planting schedules and gardening diagrams. The space has a concrete floor that can be easily cleaned and a stainless steel sink and workstation. In the tool storage room, tools are organized and hung from hooks inserted into gaps between the cypress cladding.

Interiors cladded in natural cypress siding

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