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Rural Studio Farm Morrisette Dogtrots

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Sydney Gargiulo, Claire Kubilins, Claudia Paz, Paul Richardi, Walker Waughtal 

The Morrisette Dogtrots project addresses three unfinished portions of the Morrisette Kitchen and Storehouse: the dogtrot between the student kitchen and commercial kitchen; the dogtrot and wash station at the Storehouse; and the ramp at the Storehouse. Both dogtrots are clad in a rain-screen of charred cypress boards, which contrasts the bleached wood exterior siding on both kitchens and the Storehouse.

Lighting fixtures are hidden within the ceiling cladding of both dogtrots. At night, they illuminate the spaces through gaps and holes in the boards giving them an ethereal glow. The kitchen dogtrot is outfitted with a dish-return counter, a roll out trash can, a bench that doubles as a storage chest, and camouflaged storage cabinets. The new wash station is equipped with a stainless steel counter top and wash basin, and a handmade walnut cutting board. Panels of tensioned rope are installed along the ramp at the Storehouse, emphasizing the entry threshold and doubling as safety screen.

A rain-screen of charred cypress boards
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