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Rural Studio Farm Storehouse

  • Overview


    Newbern, AL
    3rd Year Project

  • Project Team

    Sarah Barr, Josiah Brown, Carley Chastain, Anna Daley, Theodore Hillin, Audrey Hodges, Ben Malaier, Malcolm McRae, Samuel Moffett, Asa Porter, Michaela Robinson, Ning Shi, John Sydnor, Katie Wood, Grant Wright, Olivia Backer, Katherine Bobo, Cody Franklin, Mary Margaret Jenrath, Jennifer Lomas, Janine Mwenja, Hannah Pope, Jessica Walker, Brady Whicker

The Rural Studio Farm Storehouse is a 560-square-foot storage facility located behind Morrisette House adjacent to the commercial kitchen. The Storehouse is designed to accommodate cleaning supplies, dishware, canned and preserved foods, and fresh garden produce. The Storehouse frees up cluttered office space in Morrisette House, and it enables the growth of the Rural Studio Farm as it expands production with the completion of the Solar Greenhouse. The Storehouse includes a walk-in refrigerator, two freezers, an accessible restroom, a produce wash station, and storage space for both cleaning supplies and dry goods. 

framing the storehouse
Accommodates foods, supplies, a produce wash station, and accessible restroom
Enables the growth of the Rural Studio Farm as it expands production
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