A Hard Core Semester

CLT Core House's award winning Halloween costume
The CLT Core House team dresses as “Three Men and a Truck” for Halloween!

Welcome back to the CLT Core House team blog! Things have been moving quickly in the last month. We have been working hard to push our project forward, clarifying the ideas and how we present them. It has been challenging to better define the project; the possibilities are endless! We are learning how to push forward to find the appropriate solutions.

The  team presents to de Leon and Primmer!
The team presents to de Leon and Primmer!

Our goal for this semester was to design two cores so that we could move on to design next semester. While there are plenty of details and changes that will undoubtedly be made, we are really happy with where they are at the moment. The two cores will support the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of the house. On top of supporting all these systems, they will also act as the lateral and shear support for the building.

The prefabrication of the cores will help us to take our time when designing every piece; it will also lower the need for subcontractors on-site. The goal is to pour the slab and, once it’s cured, to place the cores. Then, we will tilt up our panelized exterior walls, bring in our trusses, and finish the roof. It’s easy to say now, but we hope that process can be completed in a week. Having a covered workspace in a week would be incredible and protect these cores as quickly as possible.

This upcoming semester, we want to finalize our two cores and design one or two plans that they could work with. We will make some mock-ups and ideally begin to build the real ones by Pig Roast. How ambitious! (Or naive…ha!)

We have had a great experience this semester and learned so much. We all can’t wait to see where the project will go. Thanks for reading, until next time.