Community Partner Conversations

In order to move forward with the design process, we met with our community partners at Hale County Hospital. We gave them a presentation of what we understand about the Hospital’s opportunities and ideas for the future of the courtyard. We showed the hospital team two very different courtyard schemes in order to learn what they liked most about each design.

students giving presentation to hospital community partners

It was fun to share what we had been working on over the past few months!

We used perspectives drawings, plans, precedent images, and 1/8″ models to depict the two schemes.

The perspective drawings above show what the courtyard would look like if you were standing along the south wall and looking north at the porch.

The plan drawings depict the ground surfaces, screens, trees, shrubs, and fish pond that could be used in the courtyard design. The lined hatch pattern represents hardscape, the dotted pattern represents gravel, and the large white space in Secret Garden #1 represents lawn.

Some feedback we got from the hospital team was that they liked the overall design of Secret Garden #1, but enjoyed the private nooks in the shrubs of Secret Garden #2. They thought it was great to have a large covered space for physical therapy that connected the entire courtyard. They also enjoyed the wide columns that could be used for therapy activities during sessions. Moving forward, we will look at how to combine the best ideas of both schemes into one design!