Halloween Happenings

Halloween in Hale is unlike any other. Not only are we working all week on presentations for Halloween Reviews, but we are also racing to build our costumes in time. We decided to be Mr. Potato Heads for Halloween. We can’t remember exactly why we chose Mr. Potato Heads, but we all thought it would be hilarious and ran with the idea.

This year, the guest reviewers were Marlon Blackwell, Mike Newman, and Katrina Van Valkenburgh. They made us think hard about what elements we want to keep inside the courtyard and how to improve the existing. Presenting a project becomes a lot harder when you are inside a giant Mr. Potato Head, but we made it work.

Teams do their best to keep their costumes a secret, which makes the big Halloween reveal all the more fun. It was great to get caught up on what everyone has been working on and celebrate our hard work!