Meet Debra

It’s been a busy few weeks so we’ve got some catching up to do! Spring break went by in a flash, and it was a much needed rest but now we are back and excited to be on site building a house. In the week leading up to spring break, we were able to meet our client and hear her story, which inspired us to push toward finishing her home.

Our client is a sweet lady named Debra, who became paralyzed at a young age. She lives with her husband on land that she owns with her sister. Her sister Jackie also lives on the site in a house with her daughter and grandson. Since Debra is bound to a wheelchair and her current home does not have a porch, it is difficult for her to experience the outdoors. We are excited that the home we have been designing for this purpose all year will be built for someone who is looking forward to being outside and enjoying the sun.

The 20K project is designed to be siteless and clientless, suitable for any homeowner or site in the region. The project has always emphasized the need for flexibility and adaptability, but it is now put to the test. Can a house designed so broadly become specific to one individual in a unique situation? We have received a truly beautiful site and couldn’t have asked for better clients, so we are so grateful for the opportunity to construct the home we have designed for them.