Mural Madness

As part of Hale County Hospital’s efforts to expand their visibility in the community and show off their new logo, we painted a mural on the corner of Tuscaloosa Street and Main Street in Downtown Greensboro!

The first part of making the mural involved measuring out the 16 foot circle on the wall and painting it all white. Next, we made a giant stencil of the Hale County Hospital logo from flimsy chipboard and nailed it to the wall. After that, we traced the outline onto the wall so we would be ready to start with color the next day.

Our favorite part of doing the mural was getting to spend all day painting! It was great to see members of the Hale County community come out and say hello while we were working.

We finished painting just as the sun was setting.

We’re glad the mural has been well received by the community and brings awareness to the great work going on at Hale County Hospital!