Preparing for Pig Roast

Hello, and welcome back to the latest edition of the Rural Studio Bathhouse blog! We are very happy to share an update on our project after a very busy month. 

group of students presenting to professors and reviewer
The team presenting to Roberto de Leon

March started off with Spring Break. The team took a much-needed rest for a few days but we also spent some time together working in preparation for the first executive review which was a week later. The month wrapped up with two weeks of visitors. 

The first visitor was Pete Landon from Landon Bone Baker in Chicago, Illinois. He helped us think through a wide range of possibilities for the structure of the roof. He even spent a morning helping us mock up different wall to roof assemblies at 1:1 scale using the method of stacking 2”x6” pieces of wood. This activity helped us understand the possibilities of using wood for the entire structure. Pete also encouraged us to create small pieces of wood to use for models in studio.

The month wrapped up with Katherine Hogan and Vincent Petrarca from Katherine Hogan Architects in Raleigh, North Carolina. They really challenged us to be specific about lighting conditions and worked with us through sketching and modeling to develop a clear strategy for structure and daylighting.

To start off the month of April, we welcomed Roberto de Leon from de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky. He helped us continue to study specific lighting conditions and opportunities, specifically through using the system of stacking to introduce daylight into the spaces.

students looking through model images
Organizing images of light study models

Thinking through daylighting in this way really opened our eyes to the number of lighting possibilities. The system of construction is powerful way to introduce natural light into spaces.

We are very excited to move forward with these studies—and much more—in preparation for Pig Roast, which is very quickly approaching! Here is the most recent floor plan and sections that we are working through. We will integrate these lighting strategies into our design.

drawing of a section through laundry space
Section through laundry room

We are also developing a mock-up of the outdoor shower in the woods for possible use at Pig Roast!

Thank you so much for following along with us. We are super excited with our progress on the project and look forward to providing another update very soon!

-Rural Studio Bathhouse Team

Carla, Ambar, Ashley, and Logan