Scaling Up

For the past few months, we have been testing the Breathing Wall on a small scale to get an understanding of how it operates without any external variables. Big things are happening down here as we are moving up in scale! As we do, we gradually add different variables and tune the Breathing Wall to adapt. Our current Breathing Wall tests are being run with a 12”x16” solid pine panel. Using our trusty test box Zelda, we will now be experimenting with a 3’x3.5’ laminated mass timber panel!

These larger scale tests will allow us to experiment with different hole spacings on a laminated panel. Will a Breathing Wall work if a hole hits a lamination? Can we size it to never hit a lamination? How big can we make the holes before they are too big? Too small? How much unintentional air is coming through the laminations and not the holes? All questions that will shortly be answered after a few weeks of testing. This is a big step in working on the overall pod design and designing the Breathing Wall technology to scale up in size.

Pod design and details are in the works. Stay tuned for some construction and science collaboration.

Gaining mass,

The Massive Breathers.

Soundtrack: Larger than Life | the Backstreet Boys