Serious Snaking

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve spent a lot more time at Hale County Hospital meeting with our clients and working on site. We got to attend the Hospital’s logo launch, present to our clients, and make some progress on the courtyard’s drainage problems.

On November 13th, Hale County Hospital had an internal logo launch and celebration breakfast. Along with the new mural in Downtown Greensboro, you can now find the Hospital’s new logo on staff name tags, letterhead, t-shirts, and more! We love how the logo embodies Hale County Hospital’s motto of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

Last week we had our first official presentation with our clients. We presented our research on Hale County Hospital and initial design ideas. It was helpful to get their feedback on the Hospital’s history and insight on how people use the courtyard today.

In order to find out if the end of the french drain is clogged, our friend Tyler came out with his mini-excavator to do some major digging. After digging about eight feet deep, we exposed the drain and were able to open up the end cap.

Now that the end of the drain is day lighted, we were able to snake the pipe to search for clogs. We found a bit of sediment build up 70′ out from the end, but we will have to drive a pipe crawler camera inside the drain to get a better look. Once the pipe crawler goes in and we have an exact location of the build up, we will know where to excavate to fix the drain.

With Soup Roast only a few days away, it’s time for us to put the finishing touches on our presentation and get ready for our guest reviewers. We can’t wait to celebrate the end of the semester this weekend with our family and friends!