Hello world, the Moundville Community Pavilion Team is now reporting from Florida, Alabama, and New Jersey to update everyone on the state of the project with the changes Coronavirus has brought.

With Auburn classes going online, the team had no choice but to hang up the hammers and spend some time at home. Navigating the pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone and the Studio has made the tough decision to suspend all ongoing projects in compliance with stay at home orders and Auburn’s online requirements.

Since the future is very unsure for the world and the Studio and in order to protect the communities of Hale County, we are not currently planning to return to Moundville. Although we may not have the privilege of finishing the project, the clients have been assured that the pavilion will be completed by the Studio in the near future.

It is indescribably hard to leave behind an unfinished project so close to the end and the community that we have become so entrenched in, but we are, and will always be, incredibly grateful for the time we spent in Moundville and the opportunity to meet the incredible residents and Park employees.

In order to document our time with the project, we are working together through Zoom meetings and Google Drive to create a project book. We hope that it will serve as a research tool for future Rural Studio teams and help guide the completion of the project by explaining our intentions for what remains to be finished.

We hope to continue to provide updates and content for the book through the blog. Meanwhile to brighten up your quarantine, you can hear a little more about the project’s involvement in the community as well as the team’s personal take on the experience of building in Moundville here: as part of the University of Alabama’s “Museums From Your Home” campaign.